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Non-negative includes all specimens not suitable for testing destroyed, decomposed, etc. The decision whether a dog, cat, or ferret should be euthanized and tested or quarantined rests with the Local Rabies Control Authority. The Local Rabies Control Authority may authorize a day observation period in lieu of testing. Post-bite Animal Quarantine Current rabies vaccination status Veterinarian examination If healthy, a 10 day quarantine period is necessary Post quarantine veterinarian examination Unknown rabies vaccination status: Considered a rabies suspect Contact is limited to those with current rabies prophylaxis status Veterinarian exams at the beginning and end of the 10 day quarantine period Signs of illness compatible with rabies: Immediate humane euthanasia and samples submitted for rabies testing.

Testing is not required unless the Local Rabies Control Authority or physician have cause to believe the animal is rabid.

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High bats 1, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, skunks or if the type of biting animal is unknown. Treatment is not required. Depending on a variety of factors, the quarantine may be carried out at the owner's premises, at a local animal control agency, or a private boarding facility approved by the local health officer. If the animal remains healthy for the day period, it could not have been shedding the rabies virus in its saliva at the time of the bite and there has not been a rabies exposure for the victim. Clinical and Health Services.

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Body Art Information Fees. Macaques are reservoirs for herpes B, a virus that can be fatal in humans.

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This document provides information on rabies PEP vaccine schedules based on immunization and health status of the individual seeking PEP. Assistance for those with little or no medical coverage are available for patients seeking rabies vaccine and immune globulin. Benefits of vaccinating pregnant women usually outweigh risks when: the likelihood of disease exposure is high, infection would pose a risk to the mother or fetus, or the vaccine is unlikely to cause harm.

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Find CDC's recommendation for vaccinating pregnant women here. In addition to human surveillance for rabies, animal rabies surveillance is conducted across WV. Below are links to information about animal bites and rabies surveillance in the state. A report with the most up to date figures on animal rabies cases found in West Virginia and surveillance methodology for Click above to view the surveillance information for mosquito-borne-tickborne, and othe reportable zoonotic diseases.

Rabies | Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH)

This report summarizes surveillance data on animals tested for rabies through the 4th quarter of Information that can be obtained from this report includes: number of animals tested, number of rabies positive animals, and the species of rabies positive animals. This document shows historical data of animal rabies for each county and the number of cases by species.

Collection of documents containing surveillance data on animal bites and rabies in West Virginia from onward.