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10 things people worry about too much
  1. Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
  2. To, Two and Too.
  3. There Is/There Are + Nouns in a Series – ESL Library
  4. Either/Or and Neither/Nor (Beware Double Negatives)

Assessment matters What is assessment? British English Determiners Nouns and phrases Verbs and tenses Grammar teaching Exploiting texts Little words, big grammar Task-based grammar teaching The discovery technique Grammar resources by area.

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Getting to know you: Let's get personal First impressions Friends You choose! What is CLIL? Tim Bowen gives us double the fun in his examination of this versatile word. Rate this resource 4. Report this comment fraulein lyna Mon, 16 Sep pm Thank you for this article! Very useful! Report this comment Alison53 Fri, 6 Sep pm Double trouble?

Thanks for over view! Have your say You must sign in to make a comment. Print Email Share. Popular Comparative and superlative adjectives — article 19th September Can we halt the menacing creep of facial recognition technology? One-to-one methodology: Ten activities Prepositions of time and place - article Grammar: 'them' and 'they'. Let's get personal Language for Access our entire database of over 9, high-quality resources. After reading your post I know that is perfectly okay to say There is a cat and a dog in my bed and also There are a cat and a dog on my bed.

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Mo Guest. June 19, at am. The controversy part, according to Other grammar books, in formal English, would they use there is or there are, if a series of nouns were uncountable? June 20, at am. Good question. Those grammar guides that suggest using a plural verb when the first item in the list is singular in formal English mentioned in note 6 in the post don't mention uncountable nouns. In your example, it's possible they would say 'is' is informal and 'are' is formal, but 'are' sounds really strange to me.

I'd advise sticking with 'is.

Don Guest. August 14, at am. I would like to ask There's books and flowers on the tables;There are books and flowers on the table. August 15, at am. Hi Don, 'There are books and flowers on the table' is the correct sentence because 'books' is plural. November 30, at am. Thank you so much for the article!

Making Subjects and Verbs Agree

But I am a bit confused: I understand we should say 'There is a knife and two forks on the table'. But what about questions? Should I say 'Is there a knife and two forks? Yes, there is' or 'Are there a knife and two forks? Yes, there are'? December 12, at am. That's a very good question. I believe that the same rules would apply, so we'd use a singular verb if the first noun is singular: 'Is there a knife and two forks on the table?

Neeraj bisht Guest.

5 Grammar Two verbs together

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To, Two and Too.

Sign Up Menu Log In. Lessons Flashcards Resources Samples Blog. Search for…. Subject-Verb Agreement In English, a plural subject takes a plural verb. Friends are important. Mika and Juan are classmates.

There Is/There Are + Nouns in a Series – ESL Library

Notes 1. You mean the parking lot behind the school? Tenses Tell learners that this rule can be used in any tense e. Some grammar books consider the rules mentioned in this post to be standard. They say that in formal English, you should always use a plural verb with a series of nouns, even if the first noun is singular. Comments 18 Leave a Comment.

Either/Or and Neither/Nor (Beware Double Negatives)

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