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  1. Walk-through Steps: I’m New to BI, Where to Start? – Part 5: Power BI
  2. Big Data Processing and Analysis Using PowerBI in Excel 2013
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Walk-through Steps: I’m New to BI, Where to Start? – Part 5: Power BI

There are 3 site specific entries for each date. I have an image of the current output if required. I want to be able to replace each null row in the date column with the value of the row above so that dates appear in every row. Great question! There is a Fill Down function in Power Query that will fill the null rows with the value above. To use it: 1. Right-click the Date field column in the Power Query Editor. I just wrote a separate article that explains the Power Query Fill Down function in more detail. I also included an animated screencast there so you can see it in action.

I hope that helps. Please I need your help.

Power Query Data Sources

I would like one book to learn hot to use Power Query. For my job will be so important. Maybe you know a special author I would like to buy a book about this subject. I can recommend two books. You can read my reviews about these books on my resources page.

Can dashboards created with Power Query and Power Pivot be shared with users that do not have these add-ins installed on their computers without losing the connection to the analysis server, or do they have to install the add-ins in order to get the full functionality of the shared dashboard? Hi Vicky, Great question. However, if the pivot table is built with PowerPivot and there are slicers, then they will need the add-in to interact with the pivot tables.

For Power Query, the user will not need the add-in if they are just interacting with a regular pivot table. They will only need the add-in if they are going to refresh the query data connection to the server.

Big Data Processing and Analysis Using PowerBI in Excel 2013

Let me know if you have any other questions. Another option is PowerBi. This tool basically combines PowerPivot and PowerQuery, and allows the users to view and interact with your dashboards online at PowerBi. It is completely free to use. You can even Excel files to it and objects from the Excel worksheet like pivot tables and charts. I did an overview video on PowerBi. You can also pull data from the Analysis Server. Is it possible to compare two files with particular Column data and then delete from one file let me explain more.

Hi Yogi, Yes, it is possible. You will probably need to use a macro if you want to automate the process. You could use Power Query to do the comparison, then load a table with the results, then save as a new CSV file. In power query: I have applied some say 5 steps to 1st workbook file. I load 2nd file, and i want to apply those 5 steps to this file also. My source files are big which are generated weekly.

So, if I go on updating those weekly data on a single file my 1st file , then my PC will not be able to handle that 1 big ever-increasing file. So, instead of keeping 1 source file, I want to keep my source files separately, but use the same queries steps to all and go on updating the output file. Hi Abiral, You can create a query that appends or combines data from multiple workbooks to make one data table.

Here is an article by my friend Miguel that explains how to combine multiple workbooks with Power Query. Thanks again! New to PowerQuery..

E-DAB 08: Power Pivot: Big Data, Data Modeling, DAX & Dashboards

Actually i have daily one daily process In that process I have to prepare file properly Currently I am using Libreoffice Macro for that Is it possible that I click on one file then Input File open and then It will make proper file and then export as csv. It outputs to an Excel Table in the Excel file.

Hi there — have started working with Power Query recently and find it very powerful. Hi Oliver, Great question! If the users are on Excel or then they will need to install Power Query on their computer. If they are on Excel then PQ is built-in and they will not need to install anything. Therefore, they will be able to do the refresh with no problem in Excel Hi Jon, Was going through your blog, I am hoping you can help me with my query.

I am working on a project where I need to match two data sets from different sources. Now, the 1st challenge is standardizing the data.

27 Excel Experts Predict The Future of Excel and BI

So, can standardizing be done with Power Query. Ex: like removal of special characters from the column, changing some words to standard format Limited to LTD and number of cleansing process to be carried out. So, can all these steps can be done through power query. Please let me know your inputs on this. Hi Anindya, Great questions! Yes, it sounds like your data cleansing process can all be done in Power Query.

Power Query has a Replace Values feature that will allow you to find and replace words.

Business intelligence like never before

You will also be able to remove special characters with the same feature. The nice part about Power Query is that once you have this query setup, you can just refresh it and all the same steps will be applied to your data. Hi Jon thanks for your input. I tried doing it, but I have to do it for each values I change. Now, this is near impossible, I have around values to be replaced and all are different. Ex: in a column if limited is there I have to change it to ltd, if company is there then Co, if holdings is there then HLDG.

Likewise there are like replace value needs to done. So, each time I have to click replace value button to replace the particular step. Can this be done at one shot? Can you please help me with this problem? Yes, I see how that could take along time with that many different replacement values. You could do it with either formulas or VBA. You will probably want to create a table that contains two columns with the search value and replace values. Alternatively you could use VBA to loop through the table and find and replace values in your data set.

So, each table has rows that may? Massaging the tables to be of the same column and row number seems to have helped importing but the resulting table has blank cells for columns B-Z from the second table. Hi Chris, Sounds like an interesting challenge. If possible, could you send me your file or a sample file?

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I want to make sure I fully understand your question. First time using Power Query and you made it so much easier!

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Loading the query to the Data Model will allow you to use the data in pivot tables and Power Pivot pivot tables without having to load the data into a spreadsheet in the workbook. If you have a large data set then this can reduce the file size. The Data Model is only available in Excel and beyond, so if you have users on still they will not be limited on what they can do with your workbook.

Yes it is very good but I cannot work out how to save and reuse the queries created. I get a csv file every day which I manipulate the way I want it. I have gone through the power query steps, go want I want, but cannot see where I reuse the query.